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Environment terms

As of 11-18-2021, MageMojo has introduced new billing and term options that will bring our industry-defining hosting technology and support to other platforms while allowing us to accelerate feature development.

What does this mean for me?

You will continue receiving the same great price, technology, and support that you know and love. By committing to a 1-year term, you can keep your current pricing and receive Stratus Vitals for 12 months at no extra cost (a $4,200 value!). You may also commit to a 2-year term, save 5% on your monthly bill, and receive Stratus Vitals for 12 months. Both 1-year and 2-year terms are still paid monthly. Month-to-Month is still an option with a 20% price increase.

What do I have to do?

Simple. Upon login, you will be prompted to select a term for each active Stratus environment under your account. That’s it! Once you’ve completed your selection, your service will continue, uninterrupted.

Anything else I should know?

Yes! You might have noticed some recent changes to your Stratus Admin panel. We have been working diligently to provide a smoother, efficient, and more organized Stratus experience. You will be able to clearly see all of your active Stratus environments as never before and easily perform administrative functions. What’s even better? You still have the vastly powerful Stratus technology stack powering your site.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your hosting needs. Remember, we are giving Stratus Vitals, free of charge for 12 months, to all that sign up for a 1-year or 2-year term. Stratus Vitals is an application performance monitoring toolset to give you deep insight and clear visibility into how your environment is performing.