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Backups and Recovery

Immediate Restores

We maintain hourly snapshots for all files and databases. Our support can restore from those backups on request in the event something has gone wrong with your store (e.g., ad product update or accidental deletion). Those snapshots are stored on the same hardware running your store for quick recovery of an application-level problem.

High Availability Recovery

In case of a hardware failure, we will restore from distributed snapshots across other available servers. File snapshots are copied hourly to other physical hardware. MySQL is near real-time and replicated to standby MySQL containers on the STRATUS service. Once this type of failure is detected, an affected site will be brought back online using the file snapshots combined with the real time MySQL slave backup.

Disaster Recovery

Snapshots of all files and databases are also backed up from the servers to S3 for long term storage every four hours for database backups and every 24 hours for files. These backups are only for disaster recovery, per our Support Policy

Customers must also maintain their own regular backups offsite according to their own needs and schedule.