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Instance Types

There are 2 types of stratus instances. Production and Development. Your instance type is not the same as production/development mode in Magento 2. For information about production mode in Magento 2, please click more info.

Production Instances

This is a purchased stratus instance that is intended to host a production store. If this is an autoscaling plan, not a Resource-Based Plan (RBP), you will need to set up Google Analytics billing to place it in production mode. Until you go live and configure Google Analytics billing, your store will remain in development mode and will be rate limited.

Development Instances

Development instances are free with the exception of the amount of space that is used. This is calculated into your total space usage. The number of Development instances that you are permitted is based on your plan. For more information please see

Development instances can not run production stores. They are rated limited and cron is disabled. Autoscaling will not function. GoogleBot is blocked from accessing development instances. They are for development or staging purposes only and can not be converted to a Production instance.