Top Six Magento Developer Job Sources

Eric Hileman

May 25, 2021
Top Six Magento Developer Job Sources

Skilled developers with Magento experience, especially Magento 2 expertise, are a prized lot. As more and more businesses extend, upgrade, and modify their Magento stores, these very same businesses—or their agencies—know that having the best developers for their needs is money-saved in the long run.

But, being a hired-gun Magento developer can be a bit strenuous, as well. For those who freelance, finding the next job or project can take a good deal of time and effort. And finding clients who pay on time and are great to work with may be even rarer.

To help our developer community, we searched out some of the top places to seek Magento-specific jobs, whether full-time or freelance.


This is by far our leading resource, as it not only specializes in Magento talent, the people who run this board actually know Magento, as well.

It doesn’t cost the developer anything to sign up and list their profile. Clients who hire through CommerceHero pay a percentage of any fees charged by the developer or, in the case of a full-time hire, the first-year’s salary.

(Disclosure: I’m one of the founders of CommerceHero.)


This board just came to my attention recently, and I’m very impressed with the number of Magento-specific jobs available on it. During a recent search, Jooble showed 1,497 jobs with the word Magento in it, and hundreds and hundreds with “Magento Developer.”

Like many of the bigger job boards, Jooble takes its jobs from other boards and acts as an aggregator. But, unlike many I’ve looked at, Jooble’s interface is cleaner and the search is very, very quick.


One of the oldest, technology-focused boards, Dice does carry with it the reputation of posting jobs from legitimate companies. It is not an aggregator, like ZipRecruiter.

While a search for “Magento Developer” yielded only 29 results, the jobs posted were full-time and contract positions for very skilled candidates.


Perhaps the biggest of the boards today Indeed boasts a whopping 550 jobs from my latest search for “Magento Developer” and 229 jobs when adding the location of “remote.”

Indeed makes it easy to load up your resume once, then use it to quickly apply for any relevant jobs you find. Jobs on Indeed are paid for by the posting company.


LinkedIn is fast becoming a great source of jobs. A current search for Magento Developer yielded hundreds of results.

One of the benefits of using LinkedIn is that you can easily check out the company posting the job, see who runs the company, and see just how big they are. LinkedIn also makes it easy to “One-click Apply” in many cases, so you should keep your LinkedIn profile up to date.


The largest freelancing board in the world, UpWork merged with eLance some years ago and remains a formidable source of freelance work.

To be successful with UpWork, you must 1) communicate well your expertise, including any Magento certifications, case studies, and examples, and 2) be patient. You will be competing with many others willing to do Magento work for as low as $15/hour. However, most clients who hire those at low rates get what they pay for. If you’re patient and communicate well, you should find UpWork to be an ample source of work.

Beyond these boards, I do strongly recommend that if you want to be noticed as a Magento-savvy developer, you should post regularly to LinkedIn Magento community groups and programming-specific boards, such as Stack Overflow. If you have a Twitter account, follow #Magento and post your responses to posts, as well as post your own comments.

Good luck with your job hunting. Be sure to drop me a line and let me know how you fared using these job resources @EricVHileman.

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Johnny D.
1 year ago

Thank you so much for this insightful list!

Ishani Bohra
11 months ago

Hi Eric, thank you for sharing this with us. Great Share!

10 months ago

Thank You for sharing this amazing list of develop job searching websites

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