MagentoLive Australia 2019 Highlights

Marsha Naidoo

February 26, 2019
MagentoLive Australia 2019 Highlights
Nineteen hours of flying you say? Yes please, especially when that means exchanging the polar vortex and shoveling my driveway for 25C, the beautiful Darling Harbour, and the pleasure of attending Magento Live Australia 2019! What a great chance to catch up with the movers and shakers of the Magento world in the Asia Pacific region. We invited all MLAU guests to a happy hour the night before the event. Research was necessary in order to find the perfect location! After a picturesque walk around Darling Harbour scouting out locations, we found ourselves at a lovely outdoor location right next to the ICC. Of course, we needed to sample the menu and were intrigued by this location that featured a Campari bar! We had an amazing team building session at Fratelli Fresh assisted by some of the best negronis ever. Great happy hour, if you’re ever in the area! We returned the day after to welcome our happy hour guests. We finally got to buy Ben Marks a negroni (long story) and he was not a fan 🙂 He politely nursed it until we rescued him with a beer.  The Paypal team was amazing and stopped by before their own team building. Always great to see them. Those amazing negronis, beer, wine, and great company made it a success and we ended happy, full and ready for MLAU!
MageMojo Happy Hour
Bright and early the next morning we headed over to the ICC for day one of MLAU19. Let me say it now – the food was great! Truffled eggs in a breakfast burrito and plenty of good, strong coffee – just the thing to fight off jet lag and get things started on the right foot. We made sure to attend Paypal’s panel on Closing the Mobile Revenue Gap – a huge issue in ecommerce and we’re certainly doing our part to make sure your site loads as fast as hell. As always, Rob Long hosted a stellar panel with experts like Zee Aganovic, James Horne, and Alana Fennessy. We have to admit that we mostly attended technical talks – go figure, we’re a bunch of geeks! Big standouts were Anton Kril’s talk where he managed to not accidentally deprecate anything (maybe) and Alex Paliarush’s talk on the ever-improving graphQL support in Magento. Of course, PWA was a hot topic – Magento’s PWA studio has just been released, and sites that can move to PWA promise to have many advantages over those who don’t! Blake Morgan and Carolyn Breeze (Braintree)  lit up the stage with engaging talks on customer success and the future of payments. Delighted that we had the unique opportunity of chatting with Carolyn later that evening and yes Carolyn we are waiting for your submission to Meet Magento New York 2019! 🙂 After a long first day, we were ready to party! We headed down the harbor side to the official after-party. What a blast!
Afterparty food
Two things really stood out. There was a photo booth that took synchronized pictures from a bunch of cameras and combined them into cool hologram-like printed pictures – rotating the picture changes the angle of the photo you see. The coolest thing by far was the DJ table. It was a lighted table with a bunch of small tiles around the edge, each with a unique QR code. Placing a tile on the table would alter the music being played at that moment – add or remove a bass line, drum line, melody, etc. Moving the tile on the table would change pitch and volume and raising all the central tiles at once would stop all of the music! It was really intriguing to play with different combinations and figure out how it worked! This particular team seemed to hog the DJ booth 🙂
PayPal DJs Rachel Campagnolo and Rob Long
Great fun hanging out with everyone there, and of course, the end of the after party is never the end!  Next up, the after-after-party at the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel bar (aka PBH) open 24hrs! No more needs to be said! Next morning we were ready for day two – with a very healthy infusion of strong coffee! Thank you, Magento for professional coffee makers! One of the highlights on day two was the dev exchange. This was set up as round table discussions, each with a specific topic, and a moderator (usually from Magento) to help spur conversation and answer questions. We attended both the devbox and the Magento Association/event organizing discussions (two subjects near and dear to our hearts). We enjoyed this chance to freely trade ideas with attendees interested in the topic at hand. We arrived in Australia with some awesome Mojo Stratus branded headphones that we were dying to give away. We encouraged guests to enter the draw and as the event drew to a close it was time to pick a lucky winner. A random draw came up with Andrew Beale as the lucky winner. Luckily he was still at the event. The headphones surely served him well on his trip home. Look out for the MageMojo team at your next event, you may be lucky enough to snag one of these! Sadly, it was all too soon time for us to take the long, long flight back home to winter! We packed our bags with Timtams and Vegemite and headed to the airport. We had just gotten to love the expression “How ya going?” and who knew Jennifer Garcia is a DJ at heart! We look forward to our next expedition down under – and to Imagine 2019!
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