MageMojo to Continue Magento 1 Hosting

Eric Hileman

May 12, 2020
MageMojo to Continue Magento 1 Hosting

With the impending end-of-life for Magento 1 next month, many of our merchants and development partners are naturally apprehensive about continuing their Magento 1.x storefronts. Without continued patches and upgrades from Adobe, the future usability of the Magento 1 platform is in question.

We understand that many existing Magento 1 stores are performing quite well. Hosted on our unique, auto-scaling Stratus cloud platform, these stores are fast and secure. Naturally, many would wonder “why give up such a good thing?”

What’s the downside of Magento 1?

For those continuing to run their stores on Magento 1, there is a risk that new security vulnerabilities could be identified. If these are spotted and patched, there’s also no assurance that extensions and customizations might not cease to work properly or that those add-ons — perhaps no longer supported by the add-on developers — could contain vulnerabilities.

As other integrations move forward in developing new features, most will, quite naturally, focus on Magento 2. This would go for new payment systems, shipping and logistics, and other back-office services on which tomorrow’s ecommerce may depend.

Every Magento 1 merchant, with their development partner, is doubtless measuring these risks against the cost of migrating to Magento 2, which can be as much as their original Magento 1 development costs. While there is a certain comfort level with using the tried-and-true Magento 1, merchants who have moved to Magento 2 are finding that there are marked improvements in the functionality, usability, and power of the Magento 2 platform.

How MageMojo is Helping Magento 1 Merchants

Until merchants can make the move to Magento 2, MageMojo is prepared and armed to help stores remain open and viable for the near future. We are working with Open Mage to support its work in creating any needed patches. Our partnership will also keep us — and our merchants — well apprised of Magento-security related developments. Our support of the Magento Association will also keep us — and our merchants — well apprised of other Magento-related developments. We are also continuing our malware scanning and updating our firewalls and other security measures as required. For us, fast, reliable hosting for Magento 1 is something we’ve truly mastered.

And for those who will be moving up to Magento 2, our new Stratus MaaS platform will certainly help developers work more efficiently (read: less cost) than ever before. Plus, they will be working on the industry’s best auto-scaling Magento cloud hosting.

In short, we do not want you to feel you’re left in the lurch by the EOL announcement. Yes, you should move to Magento 2 at some point. But, we also know that you have a lot on your plate during this time. MageMojo wants to support you and to that end, we will be continuing Magento 1 support to give you time to plan and undertake your migration.

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