MageMojo’s Secret Sauce

Eric Hileman

January 29, 2016
MageMojo’s Secret Sauce

So you’ve read the offer we’re presenting and you’re thinking it’s too good to be true.

This can’t be real. How can a small company I’ve never heard of possibly offer more than the big guys I already know? How can they have better support? How can they run Magento faster?  How could they possibly be cheaper? And how the heck can they make any money undercutting everyone, because that’s not sustainable?!

It’s really simple. We started this company in 2009 to do one thing, and do it really well: Magento hosting.

Specializing in one thing allows you to operate in ways other providers can’t. Our competitors built a hosting company and then figured out how to market it.  We built a hosting company for Magento and figured out to streamline it.

Because Magento benefits from the latest developments in CPU architecture designs, we make sure our hardware is the latest generation available, which translates to faster page load times.  We lease our servers on a 2 year FMV operating lease, and, after 2 years, we return the servers and buy new so our customers always have the latest in CPU advancements. Our competitors, who host everything, are not as concerned with latest CPU speeds, since they make no difference to WordPress or Expression Engine.  They prefer 2 or 3 year $1 capital leases.  They retain the equipment and continue to use it for 5+ years to squeeze every last dollar of profit out of it.  

Sadly, we see even well-known hosting providers locking customers into dedicated server contracts starting with CPUs that are already 2-3 year old!  By keeping a low, fixed monthly cost, using FMV leasing on a 2 year refresh cycle, we ensure our customers have the latest server hardware providing the fastest page load times.

Our network is stable, fast, secure, and optimized for end user eyeball networks (re: your customer’s ISP).  Our core network runs optimization software that is proactively probing the top talking ISPs from your customers, to find the lowest latency path, and dynamically routing between our fastest upstream carriers, regardless of cost.  We’re also colocated physically in the same facility as the major US ISPs in what’s called a carrier-neutral facility. Our internal network is fully redundant all way through every core router, firewall, each rack, and individual bonded network port, and on into each server.  

Having fully redundant equipment doubles your costs but it’s important to ensure 100% network uptime. We are able to lower these costs by using high density, in-rack configurations to condense our servers which in turn condense port utilization. Using premium bandwidth, optimized for the lowest latency path, is also expensive, but we can afford to do this because we only send store traffic, and have no other noise on our network from loud customers.  Being in a carrier-neutral facility is premium space that comes with a premium cost, but again we’re high-density, only Magento stores, and do not have the sprawling footprint other hosts need to take on various types of customers.

Our support is Magento specific and reaches into the Magento code base for break/fix, performance tuning, proactive monitoring, and general advice. Your site can run other software, but since Magento is all we host, you must have a Magento store to qualify for hosting with us. We’ve written our support playbook for Magento. We don’t need to teach our staff about WordPress or Expression Engine, or a million other things; we’ve trained our staff to specialize on the specific problems of Magento.  We wrote our own hosting control panel specifically to automate setup of the high-performance, complex configurations and components that Magento store owners want.  We’ve written our own cloud automation framework around open source tools to streamline all of our routine and mundane activities that come with hosting.  We are He-Men: Masters of Automation! Just kidding. I’d like to brag and say we are the Masters of Automation, but when you’re a group of ex-programmers / system admins who are automating one specific area, it’s really not that difficult. 🙂

In summary, when you focus on one thing, you can afford to offer premium services at equal or lower costs than your competitors, because, while they are trying to be experts in multiple fields, you’ve been busy streamlining for your niche.

Would you like to know more?  Click here to read the story of how we actually did it.

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