Load In The Loop: Episode 21 – Calza Fino

Eric Hileman

November 6, 2020
Load In The Loop: Episode 21 – Calza Fino

Load In the Loop: Episode 21 is here! Join Eric Hileman and Ivan Chepurnyi as they identify and fix some performance issues for Calza Fino, an online Latinx and Western fashion site. What will they find? Can they fix it?

Sponsored by blackfire: https://blackfire.io/

Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/loadintheloop
Ivan: ivan.chepurnyi@ecomdev.org, @IvanChepurnyi
Eric: litl@magemojo.com, @ericvhileman

Table of Contents

(00:00:00) Catch Up and Chat
(00:43:00) Introduction
(00:46:00) Page speed optimizer doing real-time image manipulation on the fly in every page request (switch to Magepack in the build process)
(00:47:30) Lazy Loading Images
(00:48:30) file_get_contents to admin path WYSIWYG
(00:50:00) Get rid of swissup page speed (switch Magepack)
(00:51:30) No need to minify HTML gzip in the webserver compresses
(00:53:30) Load in the Loop with configurable product prices (Magento working in fix for a year now) not taking from the price index and instead calculated dynamically
(00:55:00) wp_options bug with multi-domain writing to DB on every call
(00:59:00) mst_rewards loading all the sales rules
(01:01:00) Translations are uncached
(01:06:00) Swissup viewed configuration uncached
(01:10:00) Customer load attempted 15 times
(01:13:00) Magento product view counter (new core performance issue?)
(01:37:00) Easy tabs at checkout ajax call
(01:39:00) Remove elasticsuite page tracker (disable if not using statistics)
(01:40:00) Braintree call 5 times (disable)
(01:47:00) Checkout minify page output (swissup)
(01:53:00) Checkout ajax customer call Redis session locks (disable locks in Redis session configuration)

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