Load In The Loop: Episode 13 – Rareseeds

Jordan Griffey

April 24, 2020
Load In The Loop: Episode 13 – Rareseeds

Load In the Loop: Episode 13 is here! Join Eric Hileman and Ivan Chepurnyi as they identify and fix some performance issues for Rareseeds. What will they find? Can they fix it? 

Watch now to find out!

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Ivan: ivan.chepurnyi@ecomdev.org, @IvanChepurnyi
Eric: litl@magemojo.com, @ericvhileman

Table of Contents:

00:14:30 bronto get file contents for js file

00:18:00 slow query (cms blocks / store views)

00:21:00 minicart loaded twice

00:24:00 Amasty page speed optimizer writing to shared nfs (can do on compile w/Magento)

00:36:00 Simplyphp homepage custom phtml LITL (switch to product collection)

00:43:00 Amasty SEO snippets on category page (google doesn’t take product info from cat pages)

00:45:00 Hawk search?

00:46:00 Url queries (Amasty SEO rich snippets disable on category page see if query count drops)

00:47:00 70 queries to ratings (fixed in more recent version)

00:49:00 2800 db queries

00:50:00 Final price, query per price, tier prices

00:54:00 Magento bug, calls db for every product on page

00:55:00 MSI install patches

00:58:00 Product page arrows back/next is complex, configure link breaks this feature, move to js/local storage

01:00:00 Page arrows breaks Varnish cache due to unique pages if in multiple categories

01:04:00 Mageplaza Layered Navigation hitting FS for version check

01:06:00 Every sale the cache is flushed (remove get identities from product page)

01:08:00 Hawk search ssl socket inline page call

01:14:30 Amasty SEO url loading url for every product

01:21:30 Composer autoload not optimized

01:23:30 Amasty vote / comment / update called by no action taken to trigger


Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:00:00] So congratulations on your new headphones.

Eric Hileman: [00:00:03] Ah, thanks, man. I really don’t like this color though. not, not my favorite color. I, I thought they’d be like silver, like more of a metallic, nicer silver, but it’s this gray, like, I don’t, there’s just say gray.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:00:17] Yeah, it’s, it’s a Grazie definitely.

Eric Hileman: [00:00:20] But they’re nice.

So they, the, Sony’s, they have better, like a higher rate of noise cancellation than the bows do. but more importantly, they have, support for the, app decks, HD codec, and one other Kodak, which is. Way better than the, than the regular Bluetooth Kodak. And that gives you like, lower latency and higher audio quality and more importantly, more consistent audio quality.

So they sound a hell of a lot better. but the comfort and looks I’d really don’t like, like they fit kinda tight and they’re heavy. So wearing them all day is a little bit much. I like the bows better, but the quality is worth it.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:00:57] Oh, it’s, it’s interesting. have you seen both the way we do it from a Linus when he tries, Dan calls on Dolors headphones?

Eric Hileman: [00:01:04] No, I haven’t. Linus tech

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:01:06] tips. Yeah, check it out. Then if I was on, Dolores had the phones and I think there is another Saturday crawls until four Oh four do ISIS. Gumming was it two? Actually we send them so.

Eric Hileman: [00:01:21] And they’re not, they’re not even always canceling. Are they there?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:01:25] Judge us to open headphones?

Yes. To have, you know, as a complete immersion into the salads. So you’ll probably have to listen it when in soundproof.

It, and in general, how do I frame yourself? Good. Everything is fine.

Eric Hileman: [00:01:44] Yeah. Yeah. I think, I think I had the, the Rona, I was, had all the symptoms and I was sick for about three weeks, but I didn’t, I didn’t have a thermometer, so I couldn’t take my temperature, but I know, I don’t think my fear was that bad.

And, I was a little short of breath. What, like, nothing too concerning. And here, like, you can’t. you can’t get a test unless you have really high fever or, really short of breath. So basically, you’re ready to be admitted to the hospital before they, you can get a test. So, well, if we get the antibody tests, you know, playing, I’m open, then I’ll have antibodies.

I should be great. how are you doing?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:02:19] Hey, I, I would, I would fine. w we will be tow for allergy to zip. Bolan. So, I, I, Oh, all the time, her little bit of, issues with my nose. This is days, but in general, everything else is good to have me. Your

Eric Hileman: [00:02:33] internet, you are on like cell phone.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:02:36] Yeah, like for, for two weeks.

I was completely offline like, since, Yeah. Two weeks ago, on Monday, I switched to a new internet provider for my current one to get one. And you could be at the connection. It was like plant a few months in advance. But when Corona, Corona sorrows, they moved to Zim. they to connect me to Xero network.

And it’s the same time, on the day ones, they actually installs the internet. the  was a whiteboard signals it previous provider, turn it off with a fiber signal. And Zay already journal system went down for customer support. So this is the guy who was, installing, also do ISIS, in my, storage books.

He just wasn’t able to enable anything. And Immokalee and he wasn’t able to check, you know, like is a problem on my end or is a problem on a street or is a problem at the side of a provider? So we didn’t know why, the connection didn’t come through so. In an like it talks, do you yell eggs this morning because we’re recording right now is a guy came to a booth on the street and he finally fixes the fiber signal.

So now I have fiber at home. Yeah. J J just in time for today’s recording. But it’s really handicap to a lot of my work. So I had to tell a lot of customers, sorry, like, yeah, I, I just can do anything. Like, is there a lot of workers that I was not expecting or do they need to have. Now, you know, for a Docker hub, copra somebody locally or at the star Docker containers, but I need to build a fresh image or souls that I have for some of the projects I’m working on right now.

Eric Hileman: [00:04:28] You might have good bandwidth, but the latency would just kill


Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:04:33] Yeah. Like there used to be this problem, like I was taking this device. Is this very nice. iPhone six, Oh, sorry. It’s not even six. It’s five fast. It’s five fast. I was using it as a desert and do ice, and it was working. Brilliant. Well, bod is a problem is somehow on Lehman was, there was a really big chortling.

On the Desiree, so when we can do, it’s like when I booted any windows, it works fine, but I cannot work on windows because I have all my development environment leaning snow days and it was just a nightmare with six megabits maximum.

Eric Hileman: [00:05:13] Oh yeah. You were tethered your USB tethered with it, right. You weren’t like using this wifi access point.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:05:21] Yeah. Like it’s, it’s kind ofa weird thing somehow. the windows is having different packet lengths. Does that work much more better with T-mobile network? So windows kind of emulates as a mobile network, us when it sends them. And T-Mobile has this stupid thing. Whenyhr tether? when’s they actually throttle, specific packets with specific them to leave?

So let’s say if you have a very small time to leave, they probably will throw it all Zillow’s packets. Ah, and in, in, and I even didn’t get this six megabits, consistently, because sometimes, the packets. The intradermal adult legs. There was a lot of moments like in, I mean, meantime, like I do Docker build and Bart was a build fails, so I have sort of started because some requests go time without it.

Hey, Jess. Very frustrating itself. So I’m happy. Finally, I have a good connection, and now I feel myself again, at a full capacity to work properly. So bout to, on the good sides. last to Easter weekend, I got some time to prepare, pulled pork.

Eric Hileman: [00:06:41] Sounds good

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:06:42] myself. So, so I, I spend like $8 on barbecue.

I’m doing a lot of temperature reading and now I really want to be able to add more mature. we sell. Do you know, is that dwell meter temperature remotely? So I don’t need to go to the barbecue all the time and check the meat temperature to see if it’s fine or not.

Eric Hileman: [00:07:03] It’s a good way to stay at home.

Social distance, slow cook and barbecue.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:07:07] Yeah,

Eric Hileman: [00:07:07] I can think of worse ways.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:07:09] Yeah, definitely. in general, it was what we’re interested in experience, and now I have this small OG under ina hundred they play around with. Nice. Quite nice. All right. Well,

Eric Hileman: [00:07:20] should we do, do the intro?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:07:21] Yeah, definitely.

Eric Hileman: [00:07:23] Okay, a load in the loop sponsored by Blackfire.io I’m Eric Heilman, CEO and cofounder of MageMojo Magento hosting out of New York city. Purpose of this program is to take some of what we learned over the last 10 years of Magento specific hosting and evaluate one of our customers stores. We’ll share with you what we find and hopes that it may improve your Magento skills and the performance of your Magento store.

And along with me on this trip is my cohost Ivan.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:07:48] Hey, my name is Ivan. I’m one of Magento experts, specializing, performance. One of the original Magento one core developers. under my belt. I have a lot of small and big projects arranging, on the whole spectrum and  in general. Today we’re going to take a look at one of MageMojo’s customers. So Eric tell us a little bit about the customer.

Eric Hileman: [00:08:11] Rare Seeds, going gangbusters. So they normally do really well. Yeah. This time of year, they’re doing really well. springtime people want to plant, but I think they’re one of the people who are booming in this. Current economy because with the grocery shorters, are a grocery store.

shelves being low, and people being worried about not getting groceries. There’s a big push to grow your own food, especially when you’re home and you have all this extra time. So people, it’s a springtime, so it’s time to plant. so yeah, people want to grow their own food, support their own, you know, supply, their own supply chain essentially, and to keep themselves busy and active. And it’s a perfect time of the year to do that. I, they said they’d been to other providers and they haven’t, like, no one’s been able to hold this thing up and there we’re holding it up on Stratus. It’s, it’s out, I think 20 some pods, so it’s ranging between 150 to 200 CPU cores.

yeah, there, I mean, it’s really doing well. So we made a dev copy to test on cause we didn’t want to. You don’t want to do that. Not with 20 some pods out.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:09:15] okay, great. so, let’s, start to do profiling. I just do two quick test to see if it’s, running, and appropriately set up. So, so far, what’s interesting about it, like when I load the page, all those products popup, do you know if it’s a PWA or a just regular Magento?

Eric Hileman: [00:09:38] I don’t know.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:09:40] Okay. nevermind. Let’s just start with profiling. We’re just profiles this page.

Eric Hileman: [00:09:46] What I do know is we have some ways of notes here that, they are customer section load is called twice on page loads and that’s, I think we know about that one as a most of the hits that we’re seeing. amnesty review modules, doing some things, and we need to look at.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:10:04] definitely. We’ll take a look. So first of all, let’s take a look at the homepage. So it was a homepage is quite heavy. I can tell you for sure. Like 1.8 seconds is too much for a homepage.  so let’s take a look right away at the timeline. let’s see, what do we have here. Oh, agree stuff. Probably quieter.


yeah, we know. Is that a guy? Okay, so here is something happening here. Just a moment.

Okay. Yeah, it was weird. Templates. Pixel. Pixel. What?

Oh, this is weird one. Why someone instantly, it’s in order and one of the one the homepage that’s just completely.  them. So let’s see. yeah, it doesn’t tell us, unfortunately, which book it’s coming from, but there’s definitely

Sound kind of big sold that beach GML and I think can just speak some about base chain models or assumption and against happening with ordering, loading an order and outputting the data. So we see here something happened. So this is definitely somethings that we shouldn’t expect on the homepage happening.

The goal,

Eric Hileman: [00:11:52] what is it, a pixel. What makes Toronto tracking pixel

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:11:57] as, this is a announcer thing. So this is any request, and this is happening actually later on a page and here a Nazar template script manager .

Eric Hileman: [00:12:09] So PHP generated the weight BHP paying down instead of just doing an Ajax call out after page load to that Bronto thing.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:12:20] So it was a Bronto is definitely. Well, it’s quad. A lot of flawed here, and this is actually weird.  I would say just not included directly on the page JavaScript daggy and

Eric Hileman: [00:12:39] know. Oh wow. That’s crazy, dude.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:12:43] I think it makes much more sense. You know, like instead of when linings is JavaScript,

Eric Hileman: [00:12:47] yeah. That is whack.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:12:50] Or all data. Okay. So basically just

Eric Hileman: [00:12:58] a, wow. You

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:13:00] just be so for JavaScript that they can. Include directly on the page, like,

Eric Hileman: [00:13:08] ah, yeah, I set up blocking, blocking CPU cycles on our end waiting for that. I mean, even if it’s quick, you’re still blocking on it, and especially if it doesn’t load or there’s a slowness over there as tying up, of course.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:13:21] Oh, let’s take a look at, this one might be, it would have a Magento module. Guitar.

Okay. They have a good help page.


So is this, this unfortunately is not,

is Nazar, but this could be,

Eric Hileman: [00:14:08] it’s in the marketplace. It looks like I don’t . Let’s see ya.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:14:13] Yeah.

Yeah. But this is definitely shouldn’t be here at all. Like, is this a, this is a bad practice for building your own integration, especially anyone who is already know, like storing somewhere locally. Like if you rely on some Java script from outside and you want to really include it into the page, you better, create some kind of functionalities to store it locally.

And plus they have a David fruity, a Cron job or something like that, instead of, you know, like doing it in instant insights your way. All some Magento allows you to store files on local file system, any them, store them into media directory, and then you can just include Zeus, JavaScript from media directory.

But I don’t see any reason not to include the script directly. in terms of age, especially considering that it’s already hosted at Bronto, CDM, and


Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:15:20] know, the, it can be definitely that I could be in a loaded. You know,

Eric Hileman: [00:15:29] Oh, that’s terrible. That’s terrible. Like if there’s any slow down over there and their CDN, all your, your page is going to hang while at weights where I like, it’s ridiculous.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:15:39] Oh, so here we have another thing as well. So yeah, this is, this one is definitely a problem. Let’s see, what else do we have here? Here would have a full term who or has some, gray areas to load the block. Same as blocks. And . I don’t know why it’s so slow query. Oh, no. Query is not slow. It’s or, or actually, it’s slow.

Toner three milliseconds. This is creating, so it looks a little bit too weird.

Definitely will make sense that they could look at that. A query more than detail. Maybe it’s, they have a lot of same as books or something like that. Let’s see.

and I, I allows this new feature in Blackfire, you know, like you can really expand stack. Yeah. Yeah. And you can see what’s happening. So. Yeah. So is there a some same as spoken? This is something that happens in the Magento course, so

maybe as they have too many CMS books. Do you know how many stories do they have? 

Eric Hileman: [00:17:01] not off hand. I can.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:17:08] Yeah. Would it be very valuable just to check, you know, their database to see, you know, what does the data in these two tables that guess a Qubit possibles as they have town off? same as blocks, zero sign off, same as what gets, joined, does Donald, look the store assignments. And then it’s all gets sorted.

A table sort sorted on my skill side because this one looks like. A simple query  Xero Salado right. In data, in my opinion, I didn’t see it before because usually people don’t have large block, so no one noticed it probably before. In Magento Corso, there’s this interesting. Okay. Here we have. So the biggest problem on the homepage is this big.

So block. Does anyone have here other parts as well? So we have some

authorization. That’d be each channel. Yeah. it counts from.

I don’t see, where it counts from. Looks weird. Maybe it’s just a customer. A local, the normal of a doubt. Yeah. It’s customer account.

Eric Hileman: [00:18:36] Yeah. We’re seeing two pings to the

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:18:37] customer. Yeah. And

Eric Hileman: [00:18:41] section load on every page.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:18:43] A language switcher, as well. We use a bull here, so well now our is shown here by Blackfire. It means it’s there if it takes too much time actually to render, and it makes sense to take a look at as this parts, especially considering this world walk takes 125 millisecond.

But this one looks like this. Three items are standard Magento issues. As the ones that we were talking to before. I remember I was talking on one of the shows about Munich card being still rendered. However you, you use ESI include and you know, like an invite your positive stuff. or for instance, like mini card gets render it and the quota gets incentivated loaded from a database, even improves a page is completely cashable by varnish.

And in this case, a Magento probably does it. Here. So this is a performance you should definitely, and this is something that I am working on as a part of, this customer section, low total mobile extension. Okay. So what is, what do we have here? Here is some kind of GS components. Is it the standard Magento thing?

yes. It’s something standard, from Agenta. yeah. Doesn’t take too much time. So let’s, more one. Let’s take a look at this big, big, big book here. And do we have anything special here?

Nothing stand out too much. Okay. okay. Is there a, some kind of, sort of our own load layout before?

Do you know if they use a varnish? Yes. And it’s set up on this environment as well.

Eric Hileman: [00:20:47] let me check. So there’s one store view and there’s 26 entries in CMS block.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:20:54] Yeah. So Xanax, we weird. Why aquaria take, so

this is, it was a little bit who we are, you know?

okay. So. Basically sounds issues are Komen and sounds, are related to this special, peaks of Walker. I still don’t know which extension this is coming from. This speaks of walk, but it adds at least a hundred milliseconds. So every page, probably I speak my age right now about every page, but this is probably what, who find out another one’s another one.

Interesting here, huh? Ah,

Eric Hileman: [00:21:52] yeah. What’s the MST

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:21:53] beige speed optimizer? What an irony.

So yeah, this is a good old, the mini fire issues.

Eric Hileman: [00:22:10] That’s an a, it’s a, it’s minifying on every Joe. It’s writing. So that’s going to right into the shared media as your actory.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:22:24] It doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, a small need to minify.

Eric Hileman: [00:22:29] Well, we’ve seen, we’ve seen cores being used heavily more than what they should be sometimes. And we speculated, I speculated that they were writing to a shared directory over NFS.

Cause when they scale out multiple odds, the media is shared over NFS. So if they’re doing a minute fire that’s writing into the NFS directory on thousands of requests, like that’s.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:22:54] Yeah, it tells it meaning flies directly does the output, but I, I don’t think that’s a manufactured thing. Beige source probably is a do it on the files that are included.

Attent buys the way Magento already allows you to get getting ready to minified files. on study contender. Well, you don’t need to do it at all on the fly doing it. The page render time. So whatever is Donald was thereby  module is completely random and

Eric Hileman: [00:23:27] varnish is not enabled on the dev copy, but it is on production.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:23:32] I definitely would revisit this website. Was the varnish, enabled.

Eric Hileman: [00:23:36] We can enable it right

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:23:37] now. Yeah. But what also is in, your guys’ need to enable IVCO sneakers

Eric Hileman: [00:23:45] as well. Have it ready if you want to do it,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:23:47] yeah. Would be great too, because I think it makes sense to really profile the production, like instance.

Right. Okay.

Eric Hileman: [00:23:59] Yeah. I just pinged them where they’re going to switch it over or for us.

Yeah. So I bet that that a MSD or a Masti, was writing to the NFS and, and they had a lot of requests. That’s what was backing it up

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:24:19] a

Eric Hileman: [00:24:20] lot. Actually.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:24:22] I mostly ensure like April would profile the live system, we would see bigger. I always zone. We go see here right now, we don’t have , you know, auto scaling enabled   so we probably don’t, don’t see, you know, all of those issues with ask you.

But as a, as I understand, like all of the styles that is done by, I’m asked two modules, they just move JavaScript into the bottom of the page. And those they also, Lord for styles, and this is interesting, there’s plenty of JavaScript being present of the page and it does make sense to when would cause end of the page or market as deferred, but it doesn’t make sense to.

I mean, if I had on a fly, during the renderings, a page  just doesn’t make sense.  I’ll also, they’re using some kind of J quieter relays that you made shallow drawers. This is semi optimal because there is much better and much more lightweight. Libraries that don’t require you to go to the womb jQuery library.

Eric Hileman: [00:25:50] So there’s seven gigs directory full of a full of that stuff. They said, I asked them to check the JS right times because we found that an MSD page minifying JS and I said, we speculated it was writing to share enough NFS, and the team’s like, yeah, we found seven gig directory full of that crap.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:26:08] Okay.

Don’t Jordan Giordano forget to be, but

Eric Hileman: [00:26:12] no, I’d not craps. Okay. I didn’t, I didn’t say that. I swear and I said, crap, I think crafts. Okay.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:26:19] And we can throw it crap. You know, crap.

Eric Hileman: [00:26:23] That’s, I mean, that would explain it like, cause it’s, it’s. It’s really, it’s really heavy when it creates a new pod cause it has to copy all that crab meat out into the other.

It’s like gigs of it and they were wondering what it all is. So it would almost be like a new JavaScript files being generated each time for every request and they’re just piling up

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:26:47] just terrible.

So done do is this kind of JavaScript optimization. It doesn’t make any sense and can actually slow down your process a lot and result in very large bills to pay for our CPU resources and the Lima scaling and be with this

Eric Hileman: [00:27:16] right. I mean for us, it’s session based pricing, so they’re going to pay the same amount no matter what.

But we, you know, we spend a lot of time with customers really optimizing their stores. So at least this way were getting paid for it because we save in resources. So it costs us less to support their session usage, which they get built on. So, but it also D and like doesn’t necessarily incentivize customers to optimize their store performance, but they still do cause they want faster time to first bite.

So it kind of goes hand in hand a little bit.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:27:48] Yeah.


Eric Hileman: [00:27:55] we had one the other day, a quote senior Magento developer wrote into us and he’s like, he’s really upset. He’s just, he’s certain, certain, something’s wrong with, with mojo Stratus. He’s like, it’s just this running terribly, and it’s . Gotta be your systems. And so our team digs in and we found, we found in one of his, including was the header file, a cash flush call.

So every page load, they left in this cash flush and it was flushing their cash. Every freaking page load, like, Oh my God.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:28:26] Is this cool? Is this cool? Find where your team, you know, like  really, when’s it extra hundred miles, you know,

to find a problem because  yeah. This is definitely hard to sport too, you know, if you don’t, nah, you know, really deacon to the code and yeah.

Eric Hileman: [00:28:53] Yeah, I think we’re gonna. I think we’re going to put in a, I think we’re going to send the Retis logs to a log file and then we’re going to set up a, a script to check it.

So we do, we do check for how we do health checks on, on this customer’s stores, and we’ll send out, alerts to let them know if we find anything unhealthy. And I think we’re going to add one where we write the Reddis calls to a log. Directory log file, like we do all the other logs, and then we’ll monitor that.

And if we detect like a high amount of cash flushes, we’ll send an alert

then. Then you think like, you wouldn’t think that like, that happens very often, but it actually does.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:29:34] Yeah. This is crazy. So a dude say an Amber warning show already or not?

Eric Hileman: [00:29:39] let me check. I think they had to reload it.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:29:54] It’s so nice when the a store has brought a beach chairs is it actually adds to the store design, you know, in cars. Cool.

Eric Hileman: [00:30:08] Do you grow any vegetables or do you have any, flowers?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:30:13] Yeah, we have a small backyard too where we grow some flowers, some, we actually have two pounds growing in our backyard, so  with the funding that she was there and, But in general, we don’t grow any wedge troubles because we don’t have that much space to grow them.

Eric Hileman: [00:30:38] Did you, did you see two lashes daily nature photo the other day?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:30:42] Yeah,

Eric Hileman: [00:30:44] but the five leaves on it, he swears it was a, as some sort of maple tree. I think, I think we’re all pretty suspicious.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:30:54] That’s why I was joking about Canadian maple leaf.

You know.


Eric Hileman: [00:31:02] Okay. There’s saying it’s a re initializing is odd.

Oh, okay. So they do have auto scaling on, on this test instance. Normally they wouldn’t end development, but they do on this.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:31:32] Okay. This is great.

Eric Hileman: [00:31:33] Yeah. I think it’s okay. There’s still one pod initializing, which it just, again, that, that their pods can be slow to initialize because there’s so many gigs in the media that, Well, I am not in the media, not in the shared stuff that mounts instantly the NFS, but the, the code directory, there’s the thing got a lot of junk in, shrunk all over really. But I think it’s, I think it’s fine. It should be, foreigners should be enabled. Now you might get a fire too if you hit one of those other pods.


Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:32:02] it’s interesting actually to see it. You know? Yeah. What kind of things? Taking so much space, because I don’t see macho complex functionality here.   right. So I see a search bar where you can search for seat and I see just loose of products on the homepage. So. That’s quite weird that, you know, say how, who’s Biko for quota base

unless they have a machine learning. Wow. Is this nice?

So this is this . This is actually why our niche cached page or, or wait a moment, we actually profile tool page cache enabled page before.

Eric Hileman: [00:33:03] Yeah. Before we did this should be varnished now.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:33:07] Yeah. So in the water next we see as the real generation time over the page behind. So that’s why it’s wedding important on to always profile was varnish enabled.

so was then you see how much time it takes to generate this actual, the page. Because what was there, we just was hitting standard Magento’s. This one reminds me of a homepage with some. Issues in it, right? So now Zillow, small books is, they don’t matter as much as this big block gold homepage custom.

So it was this homepage custom, that beach TML DAS, some pretty heavy stuff, right? So, I can tell you for sure it was a probably load. A product in a loop, right? So every single product that is shown on this homepage is loaded in a loop,

separately, one by one. However, I don’t see, see any, I don’t see any additional information over here.

You know, like. On a product. some, the nail is, is there a snow one? Any, any additional information except  is already available in Magento. So why not just to use a collection with product , you know, at least,

Eric Hileman: [00:34:35] and I wouldn’t, that wouldn’t, varnish has cashed that whole section. Why? Why is it, why does it even go into the.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:34:44] Yeah. So does, the thing is, was varnish, as soon as you update salads, a product, let’s say sound, was a Zeus product gets sold, is a cash for this for all pages. Whereas this product is shown. It’s going to be flashed. And is this case like we have a home page

Eric Hileman: [00:35:06] as soon as you sell one,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:35:08] and, and I think Zurich, our monthly show bestseller sons like home page.


Eric Hileman: [00:35:14] I don’t know. let’s go down. I don’t think these are bestsellers.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:35:25] yeah, but Zay definitely want to showcase, I was a product of the day. Well, and the cells the most, right?

Eric Hileman: [00:35:32] I mean, it seems like they could just make that a static page

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:35:36] and yeah, buds, April, we just specify, you know, products through page builder maybe, or for example, I dunno, but, but there is this custom piece.

GM also probably,

Eric Hileman: [00:35:48] is there 26 products on there? Maybe that’s the 26 CMS blocks.

is this a surprise to see that that was the one he’s 60 of us blocks that they can edit?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:35:59] No, it’s just a, probably a depository. Get I don’t see anything. daily nausea, the same as blocky. Just get the home page, page details, simply beach, be homepage, book homepage, get home page details. So inside of this mess up from simply

BHP, I don’t know what simply PHP is . Zen. You have Zeus, Baroque repository called so’s. There is nothing else in Nicole stack. It means that there is no block. Now, Sam has look nothing other directly. Barco was a coat. So does this one takes a lot of time. And so

Eric Hileman: [00:36:43] what would you do to optimize it?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:36:46] You brought a collection,

Eric Hileman: [00:36:48] especially to collection

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:36:51] collection and what hours they are using in order to, you know, eat the right fruit products. Just collect, IDs for this iteration, and then use  as a filter for a collection. And then you get already everything you need in order to run. There’s a page, you know, like you don’t need to.

Anything else. So

Eric Hileman: [00:37:16] do you see the JavaScript thing here, the a MST, PHP and optimizing?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:37:22] Not a, in this case. So in this case is this one actually, the page Moore’s in JavaScript, but JavaScript is probably as well at something like, as soon as a fake Zeus issue, the JavaScript thing is gonna. . Oh, he had heart as well.


Eric Hileman: [00:37:42] Yeah. That’s my concern. Going into the database is not good for sure, but so writing over NFS like thousands of concurrent clients is just a recipe for disaster. And,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:37:55] and as I, as soon as I actually don’t have any  group pages, right.


Eric Hileman: [00:38:02] I don’t know. Go up. You can see at the top.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:38:07] I don’t see any anything.

Eric Hileman: [00:38:12] Oh, wait, shot. There you go.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:38:14] Okay. This weird. But probably it’s just, Oh, it’s probably because we didn’t have varnish enabled. Alright, so ESI include doing torque or something like that? I don’t

Eric Hileman: [00:38:29] know.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:38:30] Okay, so let’s go into. Editable seats into the category.

We’ll see how our category going on

Hmm. It’s quite slow. So let’s profile it

So many products out of stock. I want to be

Eric Hileman: [00:39:05] even selling a lot, doing real well. Some customers are up and some are down. It’s crazy.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:39:19] yeah, just, I didn’t know what was going to happen because probably we will have this state of. Semi currenting for a long time still, so I can imagine the United States right now, he’d quite hard by this.

Eric Hileman: [00:39:39] Yeah.

Yeah, it’s crazy. Like we, we don’t have a grocery supply problem. We have a grocery demand problem. Like people went to the stores and panic pot. Did you go to the store and the shelves are a little bit empty and you get a little bit worried, say by a little bit more. So does everybody else. And then you go back and they’re a little bit more empty and usually you buy a little bit more and it just compounds into a problem.

So I’m sure a lot of people want to grow vegetables at home right now. 

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:40:15] actually in supermarket is, they do two quite interesting thing like Zim, most products that are sold out a lot is they just put on a couple of them on the shelf. And during as a Daisy, just restorative

Eric Hileman: [00:40:29] disrespect. Yeah. But we’re, we’re really weird here.

Like we’re, I mean, we’ve got this whole freedom thing going on where like, we’re super sensitive, like, Oh my gosh, if you don’t, if you will, the whole product. So the shelves, you’re, you’re taking my freedom. You’re, you’re like, it’s just the worst thing ever to us. And it’s crazy. Like, relax you gotta it’s about.

You know, us, not me. Like,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:40:54] okay, so we have here some issues as well. and we have this several reach data from a musty. Is that, that’s quite heavy. Stop here as you see. Is there plenty of gunnery to offer us? So the same thing as we were talking to a couple of shows. Actually I think five shows ago when we were talking about a similar thing for ’em.

and that was our team with me to remember is the guys who also beat some, or we just snippets, what was the name of the company? I

Eric Hileman: [00:41:29] can’t remember the exact name either, but I know what you’re talking about.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:41:32] Yeah. So it’s the same thing. And again, and again, like it doesn’t make sense to output the products you show a was always information.

You have to, just create links to the actual product pages because Google doesn’t. Gathers the information that you’re getting right here on the  page. It takes the information. Is it this on the actual product patient or too great a reach, a snip, snip on the search results. So this one, definitely just by replacing with somethings at dot.

Appropriately. I don’t know if there is anything  how’s it properly, but. Okay, jazz doing South Alexander, you, you, you can save like five seconds, you know? Or if  time was splint over the other way, squares and in Azara things, there’s also something as a product released. So review summary, how search, how search, what does it search

Eric Hileman: [00:42:38] Hawk search

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:42:42] search.

sounds typical American, you know.

Eric Hileman: [00:42:54] it’d be, it’d be Eagle search.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:42:57] Okay.

Eric Hileman: [00:42:58] Eagle, Eagle Talon club, guns, freedom

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:43:03] search.

Eric Hileman: [00:43:05] It’s out of control.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:43:08] Okay. So

there’s plenty of stuff going on here. I just can’t. So is there a sort of use summary, is that they squat a lot of time. I don’t see exactly as the cows have red buds. There is definitely some eye operation happening. So it’s just open and that the boys were, Oh my goodness. So

Eric Hileman: [00:43:33] sick. Is this a 690.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:43:36] Yes. A query list is a URL override table.

224, queries to price rule table. You know, you know like, and this one could have a category product cause this is definitely as well. So this is, I’m a, I think it’s related to the sale reach functionality. So as soon as, yeah, like they can try to disable it, try to profile a page and see how it affects it.

And now’s our fingers

Eric Hileman: [00:44:12] hold on.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:44:13] Salary, which is the one from a musty. So are we just snippets?

Eric Hileman: [00:44:18] A SEO rich snippets.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:44:20] Okay. Yeah. I’m just a USDA to a Ukrainian pronunciation because we don’t pronounce it as a letter by later abbreviation we just generated as a ward. Ah, okay. So that’s why I’m feeling so sorry for that.

Eric Hileman: [00:44:45] I think your CEO and , we’d say CR.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:44:49] Yeah. Okay. That’s great.

Eric Hileman: [00:44:51] That makes sense.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:44:51] Easy on me. Yeah. Okay, so. It’s definitely Southland going on here as well. So went to three queries, two ratings. I think this one has been fixed sometime in Magento. like you, you are having a separate, goal for every product, but Zen Zanzie replace it the weakest.

Yeah, sounds way more simple. But here I see like 73 times zero writings. It was a product getting rooted. It doesn’t make sense. Like you can already access the summary. So

Eric Hileman: [00:45:34] what was, what was the hoc search thing?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:45:36] Yeah, dad, I don’t have an idea what is going on. Is there so. Hmm will degregate. It is, is there a Salado queries per each product? Multiple times. So not once, because they don’t have much products on a page, but sure. Or quite a lot of products. Yeah. They have like  96 products in a page.

And for each of these 96 products, there is. Bounce over the other way. Square is, so we have 2,800 that the way square race on the page in total.

Eric Hileman: [00:46:17] Wow.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:46:18] I can tell for sure. Like is there a splint to, work for the rollup or to, eliminate all of those goals and just reuse it does a meaningful number of that away scares because.

I don’t see anything complex on this page, you know, in order to produce this number of queries.

Eric Hileman: [00:46:38] So the best thing to do would be try to disable amnesty SEO rich snippets on the category page.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:46:44] Yeah. See how much it helps with squares and if it doesn’t help much, also look for other places where it happens.

If it goes Zay, how also pretty much a lot of stuff related to. Zara functionality as well. So Jose has this Hawk search. Is that, that’s some stuff. I don’t know what it does. So would we just wrap something around it? Then he just appears in the coal stack but doesn’t do anything else. And of course the standard thing was Magento was final price.

So Magento does have that in the way square Reaper, each product in order to access, does it to your prices and go up price oil prices instead of doing four, actually, instead of grabbing data from the price index, whereas his data already should be. Available. Bonta unfortunately, Magento decided, Hey, we gonna remove the data from pricing to the extent that we’re just gonna do tonsil.

The other way square is so well, what algae I usually do, I tend indexer to includes the does the date, is it this new network integrity pages? Since then, just I’ll put this data here,

Eric Hileman: [00:47:57] why they made that decision.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:48:00] I think like with a lot of things, is that the introduce performance issues are always there with some kind of Reebok fix or something who are developer, let’s say, had to fix a zero price issue or something like that.

Like surprises not showing up for a product and let’s say, and see the findings to the cows and fixing the index set of code. Zeta site tape lays. Yes, bypassing Dick’s are here and Jessica Jones the data because we need to fix this issue as fast as possible. Like we don’t have time to investigate appropriately and find the right solution.

And I think a lot of it also Kevin from, community engineering because, people are eager to close as much as possible tickets as well to receive some. do receive some, how do I call it, through to receive some rewards?

Eric Hileman: [00:48:48] yeah. and community. Yeah. Right.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:48:50] Yeah. So a lot of pull requests are getting just merged without proper checks because there’s probably a lot of pull requests open.

And it’s much more easier to measure, pull requests that fix this ABOG because you can literally out about cause fixed. You know, no one thinks about a possible gun sequences. So performance impact, fakes us. So no one really pays attention, I think, in an interview process. And that’s why we have. It’s this monstrosity of number that the way square is.

So yeah, let’s take a look at the product page. So, so far I, I assume they have simple products and for sharp, with only simple products, like it doesn’t make sense to have this number of database queries like. It sounded from my jump, the core like this, not more of that way squares would happen if you have this number of configure products on the category page.

But here is a, just have simple products itself. So

goes is . So let’s, profiles this page as well. So this is our product page.

Well, let’s see if we can see something different here.

172 that way. Squares and simple product page. This is not looking good. So, or I know a timeline doesn’t tell us my here. because like, yeah, we know there’s this, basically the optimizer that takes a lot of time. what, you just need to see how much, where is where, how.

So this is a sound puddings that the Magento has as a bug. For every single product that is shown on a page. Magento, does this go to the database? And this is probably, I would relate it to some number of blocks, was a product on the page in total and apart from his ads, or it’s not my job to base queries so.

also probably here as well, some of you road ride stuff, but I don’t see what it actually related to. So also MSI

a good old friend, MSI as well. There’s plenty of stuff here related to

Oh, yeah. So MSI as well. there’s this, super link and Bondo selection, to check, which product have, has a child product or sample, is that, that’s silly with a two year old, of course. Because I don’t think so. I’d say how any  products on this product page, it’s just simple product. So is there, a lot of friends had done Aquarius happening,

Eric Hileman: [00:52:23] so they just check if they can disable MSI or if they can and then install the patches,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:52:30] installs the batches.

Or maybe I will release someday, and modules it to reduce this number of the waste credits on the Messiah too. Larry minimum amount. Well, I don’t have time to make it yet.

Eric Hileman: [00:52:47] Dash is growing.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:52:50] Yeah. Hey, he just crazy. Okay, so you

Eric Hileman: [00:52:59] want to add to cart.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:53:01] Definitely with the main bowl is this profile or requests button record at the court.

do items. Oh, sound free item.

Eric Hileman: [00:53:23] Now you got some free

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:53:25] crap.

Eric Hileman: [00:53:27] What is it? A mystery variety. That’s

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:53:30] neat. Okay, good.  so let’s see. Oh, I can edit this item. Is this weird?

So does it mean that it tests some options?

Eric Hileman: [00:53:47] That’s gotta be a link to the .

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:53:50] Yeah, but, but this is already weird because, Oh wait, wait a moment. This one is. I paroled. Well, my think was performance as well. Like all of

Eric Hileman: [00:54:03] those can

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:54:04] go . next product. This can

Eric Hileman: [00:54:07] be a, is that what you looked at? Or that’s the catalog.

So you can just flip through the catalog that way.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:54:15] Now look, so here’s the regional wage I’m in right.

Eric Hileman: [00:54:21] It’s your history though, right? It’s what you looked at.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:54:24] I don’t think so. So I will soon as this new items deposit 12 with, there’s a category in the URL and then I can click and I can go to the next product.

and from, what can I tell for sure is that implementing this functionality. In most of the cases by majority of the rollup verse is going to be a very slow process because you need to load the wool collection of products on, get their degree, and finds the one that this in position before and after. So this is kind of complex.

You see  and now you have Xanax one and the next one. And I think this is Wyatt. that’s

Eric Hileman: [00:55:18] kind of cool though. I mean, you would be flipping through like a catalog, like a seed catalog. I, you know, I used to go all kinds of vegetables and stuff and I, yeah, I love to get these catalogs and flip through them.

So it’s kind of a similar experience. You’re just flipping,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:55:31] but here, but here, for instance, you can see like the configure a wee income. When I click on it, it actually breaks this functionality. Because it doesn’t know anymore on which page I am. And  I will do a, if I was a developer was this feature, I would not rely on the backend.

I would rely on the front end. So let’s say I am on a configurative page, right? So I clicked on the category page and here I’m just gonna remember products that are on this. Could they go to page. I in local storage in JavaScript, Zen, let’s say I click on some product enzyme, I look up, in my local storage is the date data for previous ones.

The next product,

Eric Hileman: [00:56:21] you know, a position you’re on and you can just find them previous and next. Yeah. He’s just reset it whenever you go to a new category.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:56:30] Yeah. So you, you just don’t, don’t need to, do anything related to the backend functionality. Because if you involve backend tens is, it means you reduce a lot to your, cache hit ratio.

It means like every category plus product combination needs to have own version of the case. So if your product case. In multiple categories.

Eric Hileman: [00:56:54] yeah. Wow. 

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:56:56] like every single page with different positions. So as this product needs to be unique, and this is actually also problem for Google because you will have a lot of duplicated content as well.

Yeah. And

technically it’s possible to do through front-end. You don’t need to do it on the backend side at all. And do you still can provide this nice. A user experience was out a slowing down. So for instance, if someone, let’s say, go into a spring aisle, this is a CMS page. Yeah. So if I go, let’s say, into unease, did they agree?

Okay. So it was a single product. Right? There’s probably a lot of checks happening or to see if something’s happening. So let’s say just hair suits

Oh, it’s in Jessica Tegrity. So they don’t have products here. They just . Actually, this is a good idea to run the profile here. I’m wasn’t a hundred percent sure is that this CEO’s snippets, I would put a lot of data as it should, in a bizarre.

How much would you like to bet on this possibility?

Eric Hileman: [00:58:37] No, I wouldn’t take that bet at all.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:58:42] Okay, so let’s see. . So right now you see Xero as just a sub categories with someone who just rides there is snapping special, no products, nothing.

I like this picture. Yeah.

Eric Hileman: [00:59:00] All their pictures are really good.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:59:02] Yeah. Very nice.

Eric Hileman: [00:59:15] like you said, they really add to the design on the site.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [00:59:19] Hey, I know like running your product in hate enhances the Luke up your side. That’s great. Okay, so you see, it’s one second sound. It’s 112 queries. So let’s see. Let’s see. Do we see his Sarah snippets here or not?

Whereas it products

okay. So here is a Nazare shoe.  you sozos categories, right?  so how much integrity loads we have here. Okay. Donald Zim, I think like kind of birtherism even more like get them. Could they go to thumbnail URL? And the answer is B. Dot. Dubois operations happening and Zen and get tracking data.

Oh wait a second. 


Eric Hileman: [01:00:45] need you. Page. Plaza rich, rich snippets, multiple riches. Netflix,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:00:52] my H Plaza. Lettered, mitigation search community builder, and here we have sampling zip stakes game version from Magento backage. You remember we were talking about it before something’s that hits file system quite hard and CPU as well,

Eric Hileman: [01:01:15] which means Plaza extension.

Oh layer. Now

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:01:19] I didn’t know if they really needed it. They can just install the suit. Advertisement, if we Edwards is meant for, it’s my elastic soup, but it’s also free extension. So when we get the four, eight, or one, and here we have get to the entities. This one, they IX quite a lot of time. You seen.

Eric Hileman: [01:01:44] Okay, so that’s OC search.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:01:46] I paint, this is a standup Magento. we see how surge because it creates a proxy or on this list, and inside of food, Magento doesn’t take into account. Is that actually, is there a smell? Products render it. So you see, it tries to get all of the identifiers from the product.

And then, it does a lot of stuff in order to put the product ID on a page. So if you have it, could you go to page? It has all the categories. All right. Is there a snow products? And my gentle steel will go into every single product of all the subcategories here. Acts as their IDs, access old, possible child products ideas.

So how’s it going to go to the, it’s assigned to and edits as a, , marker on a page. And Heather’s, so varnish can flush a page. So even if you don’t have those products visible on the page, if any of those products get sold is category page cash gonna be flashed. And again, it’s gonna take another 12 seconds to Gatorade.

This page. From gush. So basically as soon as they sell something, the cash gets flushed a lot. So is there a Salado staff? Is that needs to be optimized? Like I will remove, from these gathered entities, any product related rendering because they don’t have any products rendered on the page. Like if it’s.

It could they go to page was out products being shown daunt the entities of those products on the product page. It’s generally Magento problem. So I’d advise you if you would take this bet for SEO rich snippets because a better employee, I must’ve learned something from our shows, and they don’t output the Jason, Mark up for.

By age, where is there a snuffing?

Eric Hileman: [01:03:45] We should include that in our intro that we also do this show to encourage extension vendors to do better performing, to fellow optimize their code.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:03:58] We’ll look, or here is some stuff going on.

How search. Manage

Eric Hileman: [01:04:13] wait, wait, wait. Stream socket. Hold on, hold on. . Stream socket, client SSL, manage Hawks.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:04:24] Okay. So if it would not show him here on the

Eric Hileman: [01:04:26] sheet. No, it’s a socket. Go back to it. It’s socket. What’s the socket? Is it?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:04:34] Yeah. So a Y here is a socket. So there is any shipper client is, it’s great to solve a connection on, 400, four to three port in order to, fetch a encrypted data, you know, by using, DLS or SSL.

So what

Eric Hileman: [01:04:50] the hell is that? I mean, heck is that doing,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:04:54] looks like exists is some kind of water and.

Maybe this is this one


Eric Hileman: [01:05:15] no, I mean, it’s now from the PHP, so it must be a third party search that it’s, but why I thought most sort of third party searches would do Ajax. and not. Like call out from the PHB sewers,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:05:32] but glow stags, they just have some kind of like, I’m going to choose it. How  is actually a search because I don’t see, I serve on a system, you know here, like is there a snow boat?

Bop. Oops. Oh, is there something? But maybe a little bit slow. So let’s look for some sun flower. Seats. Right?

Eric Hileman: [01:06:00] Did that call out the hoc

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:06:01] search? Oh, actually, you know what? I was supposed to do okay. Around profiling. Okay. what can we search for? Oh, no, I just, I just tried to click on something. What’s happening?

Apple seeds.

This is product match

Eric Hileman: [01:06:29] a like a watermelon. See what? Watermelons? They have apples or more trees.

There you go. Watermelon.

Although we’re does a top three product matches, we’re not watermelon.

That seemed like a bad search, right? Like watermelon didn’t even return watermelon category in a top three or give you a category, but the top three products weren’t even watermelons. Yeah.

This is, yeah, this is, but if you go back, if you type watermelon back into thing, the top three products are like watercress water. Something like weren’t even watermelons, although it did show a watermelon category.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:07:23] Yeah. It’s quite strange. You go, let’s take a look at a black fire. He didn’t show any requests.

Requests. Okay, so boy, just profile it. Legs up. I dunno. Not legs that, sorry. It’s quite a lot. Oh, let’s, Oh, due to depression itself or what? I just don’t understand.

Eric Hileman: [01:07:55] It’s got a mind of its own at this point.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:07:58] Yeah. Let’s just profiled wage directly.

Eric Hileman: [01:08:03] Oh wait, you are, are you authorized to view this profile?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:08:07] Oh wait, eh, it sent me to rare cs.com

Eric Hileman: [01:08:14] Oh.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:08:16] Okay. Now it’s square.

well, so we click here and we cope. Is this your L and would just replace it, right?

let’s see if it helps.

Okay. We are on the right instance now and let’s run and profiler.

I’m wasn’t sure that this is probably the standard Congenta search because maybe Zippo pop or something is doing something with a Serb body, but. I’d observe anything related to his actual this page, because this looks a standard Magento page. Nothing extraordinary here.

Okay, so do they shape your request? One of them was squad slow. . Okay. Okay. And now finally is a Hawk search is actually shown that it takes like kind of milliseconds to connect it. So not a frost. Yeah.

Eric Hileman: [01:09:49] That I just, I hate seeing that so much cause there’s so much that can go wrong in that it’s,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:09:56] yeah. So this is definitely some people, the standard Magento and we see, okay.

Some kind of weird. Stop going on here. Like a musty gift cards and other stuff like summary short

Yeah, so mostly you see here, on, GoDog search page, get reviews, URL, get to URL. This mess with guest URL, actually Tigger’s floating all of the reviews. Is this quite a weird, like it just should be a product page with hash reviews or software bugs that they shouldn’t load. Ghana writes, Oh, so here it is.


Here we are. . Look,

Eric Hileman: [01:10:58] this is the MSD

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:11:02] URL, so  as our performance bottleneck. So here you see, when is there a smell Caren category? It just has a lot of issues. Was. We’re in the reading the page and probably in standard go appraisers. Also some issues was this module, because I sold though, you was saying getting some issues, but here you see like product around get request path and yeah, here is.

At problem from a musty . So Jose law, the product URL for every single product is a surrender at the end, probably multiple times, because. I’m more than sure is EDS. They don’t cash a result or product either. So we’re always someone, as you call it, gets requests for specific product. They just gonna do it again and again and be N.

so this one adds a lot of time and a lot of that, the way square is on the page. So who do they go? And the a summary. Yeah. You see your relative rise 200 with four two that the way square is . So this is what’s added by a Mosty Zen for declares to review entity summary. This also, I think. We were headed and done.

Zen’s is super link. Z square is a browser and me allowed this  coming from the Magento core. A rating aggregated could be that through you ante to summary and rating aggregated to salsa coming from Magento. However, I don’t see it in my most of the product, but not a lot of my customers. I showing reviews.

On cadet group pages. So it could be related to actually showing is that ratings, is that the customer gave to a product on a particular page. However, is that a smash more better ways for monogenetic quarter developers to displays is data instead of, you know, like doing a query personable product. Just doesn’t make sense.

What’s going on? Is there, JV antedated abuse? This is quite common, that I see every single day. Magento loads every single attributes of this edit a product collection. It loads it crew separate. The other way square is there’s a squad, use a few eggs. Just pretty wild olds. The attributes that are going to be used, in an advance are single the other way squarely.

product group price. Definitely a problem, from Magento core because they don’t use data in price index. The ones that I was talking about is that. Zay just do a query for every single product. So basically from all of these database queries, it’s possible to round out a category page is maximum or 60 queries in total, but in combination with the Magento query shows in combination with a Mosty modules.

I had probably a other code to Ozar as well. And also as they see, should be a request to how search is as early as any shoe, ends at the area. So definitely is there. There’s a lot of styles that customer needs to work on because, all through, they don’t pay bear, several resources, but they buy amount of visitors.

But. Is they pigs. They’ll see shoes as they can sell much more. Okay.

Eric Hileman: [01:14:47] Yeah. They want a lower time to first bite, for sure. Everybody does. 

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:14:51] yeah, so they can definitely sell more and foster and might be bringing more visitors.

Eric Hileman: [01:15:00] Yeah. Ultimately, I mean, we can scale it out horizontally, but you get to the point where they gotta you gotta work together on the optimization, the time to first bite low, you’re like,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:15:12] you cannot scale with really well accord example, unfortunately, because you know, like if you have 600 that the blue square is, or each page.

you know, like your my sequel, we’ll just say goodbye because

Eric Hileman: [01:15:24] yeah, it’s amine sang it in there, but it’s like, it’s a really, really like, what are you doing to me? Like this is painful help.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:15:32] Yeah. Like, and also also externally should you equals. It’s also slowing down things that

Eric Hileman: [01:15:40] worries me the most, because if there’s any delay in between that the core is held.

So now every request is coming in and instead of completing, it’s holding a core while it’s waiting on that, and that really irritates me. The waste of Gore’s man.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:15:59] Yeah. So, so other things after they go look at it from the customer perspective. Oh, we heard quality issues with customer section load from this customer.

Right. From neurotic reports. But yeah. Apart from Zoe swans, there’s also huge.

Eric Hileman: [01:16:17] Did we do the add to cart? I think we started it, but did we look at it? The profile?

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:16:27] I don’t think. okay. Is it this phone?

Oh, it’s from previous show. Okay, so here, let’s take a look at the costume and it’s add to cart. Let’s see, where is it?  review product. We stayed in . This one is terrible, as well as as a standup Magento thing, like Zabel at least off reviews. Jose jocks ensue the furnishings and on the page, it doesn’t make any sense.

so here is adding to cart to 110 that way. Square radius. let’s see which cars are there, but sort of by number of goals. So in wintery multi, my Maasai definitely, I don’t see anything else here except MSI, queries that are happening, on majority of stores I was working with. So MSI does a lot of bread in and out.

The way square is,

Eric Hileman: [01:17:32] and notice the composer autoload not optimized issue that we always see. Okay,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:17:40] let’s take a look. Is there is definitely, it just was not visible. We kind does our issues, so, but definitely if you see file exists  is there is definitely a problem or was there, so, but, I think this one is not as big of an issue as, you know, number of the other way square is because.

Eric Hileman: [01:18:07] Yeah. Just killing my SQL.

Tagging in there though,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:18:20] about the, as you’re told to like, he already half isn’t off the scale and turned on that. No, there’s plenty of

Yeah. There was plenty. Appreciate. So was that all right? with a lot of resources being used. So,

Eric Hileman: [01:18:40] yeah, using a lot of cores. I mean, they’re, they’re doing a lot of requests per minute, but,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:18:46] and as you see for, for instance, like here, we added product only wants to the card, but number of times we have this customer section load being walked across all over the requests is enormous.

Eric Hileman: [01:18:59] That’s a, that’s a, yeah, that was, I mean, that’s by far the biggest, a URL and the highest count of hits. That’s a common Magento issue though, right? You haven’t put out your fix for that out of the stash yet.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:19:14] So here is some Nazar  interesting. In a Mosty module, just from number of requests like this one doesn’t make any sense like I do right?

Am I said wants to review and jog swolled I didn’t quote why. Why have a request, right?

Eric Hileman: [01:19:31] Yeah. That’s weird.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:19:34] I ask Amanda update, why do I have a request for zip on, like I didn’t update any coalmines and well, why not just includes this data in the product itself, in the product page? You know, like if you have some data to be added to the page and this page is.

Usually Dom have set my shelf a cash, Keith’s radio, because product pages honestly is there is they need to be fast and they usually not stay in cash for a long time, so it doesn’t make sense to move out reviews and other stuff through a ox you, you can just bundle them on a page and being rendered directly.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Zits, it, I think. Okay. Yeah.

Eric Hileman: [01:20:34] Yeah, man, that was a, like almost an hour and a half, so it’s a good place to call it. I’ve got quite a few things in the show notes here.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:20:42] Yeah. Again, a musty didn’t surprise us.

Eric Hileman: [01:20:47] He, he, he, yeah.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:20:50] I

Eric Hileman: [01:20:50] always thought, well they must be making a lot of money cause it’s like every store we find as an MSD is thanks Jen in it.

Like, have we profiled on it? Didn’t have something from amnesty.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:21:02] I think it’s going to be a hard fight, you know? Wow.

Eric Hileman: [01:21:08] Okay. yeah. thank you to, to Blackfire for sponsoring us. We really appreciate it.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:21:14] Yeah. Christoph was so you in the beginning of the show, so thank you very much, for sponsoring our show.

And, yeah, we’ll, continue to use Blackfire and help merchants with, our nice sponsor. Help. So

Eric Hileman: [01:21:31] yeah, we’ll link our contact information in the show notes. hit us up on Twitter, load in the loop or us personally. And you can email ltl@hmojo.com if you’d like to be on the show. We did have our requests.

we’ve had a couple of, one recently for someone who’s not hosted at . And then I told him, like, that’s not a hard requirement to be hosted here, but our customers do get priority and we have a queue of customers. So, we can talk about that after the show of on, and see, well, we could probably put them on.

So it’s anybody’s out there and interested, you know, get out us, let us

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:22:02] know. Yeah, it’s definitely the possible, as soon as they help Blackfire probe installed on their server, just gives them, was it case? Was that weird? You use for the show and was, then we can profile stuff. So it’s not the science consigns Zeland the things that they need to have the right software being installed.

And the  has the stuff pre-installed and blamed of customers. Take a look at.

Eric Hileman: [01:22:31] Yeah. Wow. We, I think we have an endless list. It’s just getting permission. Some of them are a little bit worried that they did. They have to watch this show. I think once I watched the show, they realize, okay, it’s cool. Like you’re not.

Not making fun of us. You’re not showing our code, like you’re not exposing any proprietary things. So, and then there and then a really happy, like once they go on the show, they just love it. They’re super excited. They fix a lot. And it’s really crazy. So,

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:22:54] yeah, I appreciate it. It’s also a little bit, also hard to find an issue because sometimes you’ll seize it.

Cell pain is definitely not right, but you cannot see what is actually wrong. John’s by looking at the profiler. So sometimes when you have complete set of gold and everything, it’s much more better. But yeah, it’s not a four month for one and Hal follower show, right. So it’s a, it’s a four month for a week.

And they always show, let’s say this shows, it takes a day to complete.

Eric Hileman: [01:23:32] Okay. All right. Well thanks everyone. If you’ve made it this far. We really appreciate it. Don’t forget to like follow and subscribe. I think that’s not the right way to say it. Like, like follow it. That like button, subscribe, follow.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:23:45] We should have a thought of “hit the like button” in the beginning of the show.

You know.

Eric Hileman: [01:23:50] We’re still amateurs, I guess.

Ivan Chepurnyi: [01:23:52] Yeah.

Thanks Everyone.

Thanks. Yeah, definitely.

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