Intel MDS Vulnerability – How It Affected AWS and Us

Eric Hileman

May 30, 2019
Intel MDS Vulnerability – How It Affected AWS and Us
Over the last couple months Mojo Stratus has suffered from random reboots of EC2 instances. The problem was due to the latest Intel vulnerabilities known collectively as MDS (also ZombieLoad).  Intel made AWS aware of the vuln’s before the public.  AWS released patches.  The patches caused random reboots on their instances – more often on containerized workloads.  AWS was under embargo from Intel.  They couldn’t tell us what was going on.  Once the information was released publicly 2 weeks ago AWS was able to tell us.  At that point we built a new kernel image rolling back their patch and taking an alternative approach.  All of Stratus in North Virginia was updated as of Sunday May 26th.  We have not had any reboots since.  AWS is still in progress of releasing an error free patch.  Until then we will continue running the alt workaround.
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