A Meet Magento Poland Recap

Marsha Naidoo

November 1, 2019
A Meet Magento Poland Recap

I finally made it out to Meet Magento Poland, one of the oldest in our series of Meet Magento events.  I remember getting advice from one of the organizers, Marta Molinksa, many years ago before I hosted MMNY so I was excited to finally attend an event she set up!

This was to be the 8th MMPL and I was eager to experience the result of Snowdog’s many years of event experience. The first was back in 2012 and it’s exciting to see how the event has progressed. 

One of the unique things about MMPL is that it is hosted at a new venue each year, sometimes in  a new city as well!! To not only find great spaces but to expertly manage various details of setup and logistics is a huge undertaking. I am told they prefer a new venue to offer attendees a unique experience each year. I love that it is a 2-day event, especially since we traveled quite  a distance to attend! It is always amazing to have an additional day of great content and networking.

This year, the event was in an amazing industrial space that has been converted into a museum in Katowice. “Walcownia, is a multi award-winning antique space. Originally a mill for rolling zinc sheets, the incredible 100-year old machinery is still preserved and operational.”  Katowice was refreshing and is perhaps not a place we may have visited outside of the event, so we were grateful. The city had just recently instituted a new policy which meant almost all businesses were closed on a Sunday. This was a little traumatizing for folks in overdrive on conference mode 🙂 but delightfully infectious to see folks relaxing.

The Snowdog team did an amazing job with dramatic lighting and unique stage setups. Three stages of content made it tough to choose which talk to attend.

It was no surprise that there was standing room only at Jisse Reitsma’s talk “How Magento extensions will fit into PWA”. PWA continues to be one of the hottest topics at events we attend. 

The magesuite.io demo was really popular as an open-source option for pagebuilder functionality.

Remus Lucut’s talk, “Grow and optimize your business using SaaS tools” drew a crowd as did Igor Miniailos talk, “A long way from Monolith to Service Isolated Architecture”

Igor was also very willing to later share details on his talk which is always helpful. I was delighted to find a few members of the Magento engineering team at the event who are always willing to be helpful.

Ignacio Riesco did an amazing job as MC and looked rather comfortable on stage! 🙂 Hats off on pronunciation of Polish names!

The afterparty was really fun and we spent quality time with great people. The tattoo booth added hilarity and maybe even my 3rd Magento tattoo! We were sad to leave, but we were convinced by Ignacio Riesco to leave the downtown area and split into 2 taxis only to find the only open location of… wait for it… a KFC! It was so worth it to sit down with friends and fellow Meet Magento organizers to compare notes and plans to help each other over a bucket of KFC at 2 am 🙂

I look forward to MM20PL, the city and venue of choice, and our tradition of ending yet again with a gourmet KFC experience with friends, old and new!


-Marsha Naidoo

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