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Magento Hosting by MageMojo, LLC

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We are the only hosting provider that exclusively hosts Magento sites and nothing else. All of our support staff are highly knowledgeable with Magento and we do not make compromises with our infrastructure to host other types of sites.

We have developed our own Magento hosting technology to handle the high demands of the Magento platform while providing a lower cost to you. Our Magento hosting is fully optimized for high performance, availability and security to run the Magento platform. You will receive full dedicated resources without paying expensive monthly fees for server hardware.

We're colocated in a state of the art Equinix facility that provides N+1 redundant power, hvac and sas 70 type II security protection. We own all our own equipment and run our own core network AS53906. Our core network runs Cisco's Performance Routing technology to ensure we have have the lowest latency path to your customers. Extreme measures are taken to provide 100% up time for your sites while providing the highest level of performance.

We only host Magento stores. All of our support technicians have extensive experience with Magento. Our customers can request a performance test, tune and review. We'll make sure store settings are optimized, they are using Magento in the correct way and that their custom code or extensions are not slowing them down. We'll also make sure that their store can sustain the expected traffic now and in the future.

Traffic spike from a Super Bowl commercial - "It was an amazing thing to watch the traffic go from our normal site traffic to 100 times that in a space of one minute... The average page load time during the peak traffic was about 2 seconds..." read full testimonial here
Bob Fulkerson
"After suffering the trials of using other hosting providers who said they supported Magento installation, we discovered MageMojo. We have been nothing short of amazed at the performance of our stores." read full testimonial here
Bret Williams
Author - Packt Publishing's Mastering Magento
"The performance results of our app on the big AWS [Amazon Web Service] instance fell short of the Level 3 configuration on MageMojo WITHOUT Varnish enabled--WITH Varnish enabled, it wasn't even close..." read full testimonial here
Steve Wasnick and Andy Mattila
"after the migration they noticed that one of my extensions was making pages to load very slowly, they disabled the extension after the migration, and I am really impressed with the speed, page load time takes less than 2 seconds..." read full testimonial here
Luis Esteban Valencia
"We made the switch to MageMojo from one of the main dedicated hosting companies that are Magento Gold Partners... All in all I would recommend choosing MageMojo for any Magento project going forward." read full testimonial here
Maier Bianchi
"MageMojo is rock solid. I always recommend MageMojo to anyone who has a Magento store."
Joe Vlcek
Prodigal Solutions

Our Magento Hosting Solutions and World-Class Support has helped many Magento store owners become more profitable. Read Here

We will migrate your site from another host or upload a fresh install of Magento on your new Mage Mojo server within 1 day. We will optimize your site and make sure it is running smooth. Our support is ultra fast. We usually have everything set up within 4 hours!

Magento Hosting Plans

Prices start as low as $59.95 per month

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